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hereinafter referred to as SIGROUP, was formed in September 2019 with the goal of joint professional implementation of large infrastructure investment projects, including all stages of development, from the development of a competitive Project Concept to its full implementation, both in terms of actual construction and in terms of creating a management company responsible for profitability of future business.


The Mission and Strategy of SMART INNOVATION GROUP Consortium have as their goal the development of serious international projects of an integration nature, both in Ukraine (headquarters in Kiev) and on international markets..

SIGROUP members:

Charity Foundation "ORIENTAL STAR", represented by Mr. Serhii Herman


“Kanzas LLC” , represented by GEO Mr. Alexey Kiselev

“A-III LLC ”, represented by GEO Mr. Dmitry Antonyuk

"RENOVATION LLC",represented by GEO Mr. Andrey German


"THEME PARK LLC", represented by GEO Mr. Petr Semenenko

“LLC MEDINTECH”, represented by SDO Mr. Dmitry Tereshchenko



The President of SIGROUP Consortium

Semenenko Petr

Tel. +38 067 443 21 35


04210 Kyiv, Obolonskaya Naberezhnaya, 7, bldg 2 

Tel. (044) 581-36-92

Fax (044) 581-22-85


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