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Company “Smart Logistic Group”

The company “Smart Logistic Group” / partner of the International Consortium “SI Group” is an international company specializing in the development and management of integrated logistics infrastructure projects of the new generation. Our international professional team has many years of practical experience in planning and implementing international projects of a wide profile and various formats in the EU, Ukraine and neighboring countries. In the integrated logistics industry - Supply Chain Management in Eastern Europe, the company works in conjunction with the German company Orgaplan Logistic GmbH (, where it has a number of joint implemented projects and also collaborates with Logistics Union of Germany ( on an ongoing basis.


The company “Smart Logistic Group Ukraine” in cooperation with relevant German partners in the development of integrated logistics projects using logistics expertise and practical Know How of the German logistics industry will be able to organize the following areas of project development -


- Based on the initial data provided by the project initiator, prepare a professional statement of the problem and project goals for subsequent preliminary consultations and the selection of a professional company in Germany (recognized leader in the international logistics industry) that is suitable in profile and experience for the implementation of the task.

- In order to achieve maximum efficiency, feasibility in the current conditions of Ukraine and the subsequent profitability of the Project - to carry out professional support of work at all stages: conceptual design, conceptual design, actual design, construction and commissioning of a new generation of integrated logistics infrastructure in all temperature conditions, including organization and optimization of the entire chain of movement of goods and transport flows, from the place of production to the final sweat rebate.


- Professionally prepare a Business Plan that meets the requirements of the planned international investor, as well as professionally organize applications for participation in international target programs and targeted EU subsidies.


- Organize the practical adaptation of the selected technologies and functionality of the planned facilities to the Ukrainian market. - Together with German and Ukrainian expert groups, to develop a complete transport concept for both internal and external traffic flows.


- Plan, organize and conduct tenders for the purchase of all types of modern storage and transport equipment on the most favorable conditions in international markets.


- To organize professional support of all stages of practical work with international financial organizations - investors and funds in terms of planned business operations and substantiation of the effectiveness of the chosen strategy for future business.


- Planning, organization, operational launch and harmonization of all business processes along the entire chain of goods movement, including multimodal transportation and the whole set of complex warehouse operations. - Selection, adaptation and implementation of an information IT - system and warehouse management system - WMS that meets the required criteria, based on the business functionality and the business process concept of the planned logistics facilities.


- Organization of selection, professional education and training of personnel at all levels at the best industry enterprises in Germany and other EU countries.


- Organization of a strategic partnership (or the subsequent creation of a Joint Venture) with international logistics operators that are suitable in profile and strategy.


- Integration of the new logistics operator and infrastructure into international systems of movement of transport and goods flows, as well as the required international trade unions and structures.

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