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The joint activities of the Participants are aimed at creating a platform for the phased implementation of projects (development / adaptation of concepts, development of projects and programs). Priority are the following partnership projects / programs:


  • development of a new generation leisure infrastructure (theme parks and parks of entertainment, innovation, information, techno and other areas), both in Ukraine and other countries;

  • development of innovative centers “Improving the quality of life and active longevity” (objects of recreation and prevention of civilizational nature diseases based on unique technologies and infrastructure that meet all criteria and requirements of the international industry), both in Ukraine and other countries.

  • development of a new generation of integrated logistics infrastructure in Ukraine / neighboring countries with its subsequent integration into international logistics and distribution systems;

  • development of medical facilities, both in Ukraine and other countries;

  • development of a new generation residential complex projects using innovative architectural solutions and Sustainable Building technologies with subsequent international certification of finished facilities.

The list of projects and programs is not exhaustive and can be supplemented at the initiative of the
Consortium Participants.

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